Montenegro Indexed as the 2th Top Real Estate Investment Destionation in 2020

We are delighted to share with you that the reputable investment consulting agency Remote Ventures has indexed Montenegro as the second most lucrative destination for investing in real estate in the year 2020, among 25 top real estate markets in the world.

Investing in real estate in Montenegro is the substantial, indelible factor by establishing the sustainable, encompassing investment model in this Mediterannean country. Exceptional investment environment primarily distinguished by the stable annual rental yield at the rate of 6-12%, as well as the 0% property purchased by developer tax remains the decisive point for all investors looking for an exclusive property in this part of the Adriatic coast.

The main indicators for such a high index position is the stable economic growth that annually reaches above 4%, general safety and the tax rates that are attractive to investors.

The exceptional lifestyle and a diversified economic model endorse the development of the country that is considered to be the next member of the European Union. The flourising tourism, the Montenegrin economic power-house, incites the investors and developers to grow together with the sustainable real estate market which value is expected to rise up to 30% by the year 2030. Every investor who decides to either settle in Montenegro or expand his business vastly, enjoys the benefits of investing in the stable investment environment that supports them with the very low 9% capital gain tax, as well as corporate and personal income taxes that remain at the very same rate of lucrative 9%.

If you decide to purchase real estate in Montenegro and secure the value of your assets in this majestic Mediterranean country, CMM Group remains devotedly committed to profound understanding of your demands and preferences which, together with our extensive investment experience, allows you to purchase affordably and invest safely. We offer the full cycle of real estate services, from creation of the ideas and concepts of the property to its construction and implementation in 15 years of its work. Our top team of experienced professionals will expertly guide you through the process of purchasing property in Montenegro. With us, you can easily explore the very best selection of properties in Montenegro. For you, we have prepared the exceptional variety of apartments, villas and commercial properties.

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, Montenegro has successfully tackled the situation due to decisive efforts of our government to provide general safety and health protection for our residents and guests. On the 1th of June, we have opened our borders to tourists and become the first corona-FREE country in Europe. For our clients, we have devotedly worked on the digitalization of the purchasing process, offering all-encompassing the online purchase of our properties.

Either you would like to purchase your property in Montenegro or expand your business vastly, with our services, we stay gladly at your disposal.

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