Citizenship for investment

In accordance with the Decision of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, published in the Official Gazette of Montenegro No. 34/10, 40/16, 62/18, we are glad to inform you about the criteria and conditions for acquiring citizenship through investments:

With the program of economic citizenship, for the next three years 2,000 investors will get the opportunity to receive the passport of Montenegro. The applicants must pay the deposit of 100,000.00 euros to a special „escrow“ account intended for less developed local governments, as well as at least 450,000.00 euros for investments in Podgorica or on the coast, or 250,000.00 euros for the north of the country. When submitting a request for acquiring Montenegrin citizenship, applicants must pay 15,000.00 euros. If the applicant wants to apply the rest of its family, up to 4 family members, they have to pay an additional 10,000.00 euros per member. For each additional member, they have to pay 50,000.00 euros.

For details regarding projects and investment opportunities for acquiring passports please contact our specialists!

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