Management Company

What is property management and why do you need it?

Having purchased properties in Montenegro, many people ask questions: how to pay bills, who will take care of the apartment / house if I am not in Montenegro for most time during the year? After all, we all want to come to our real estate by the sea to relax and enjoy the vacation. But, without the Management Company, the vacation will be blurred by the payment of the bills and other inconveniences that will take your precious time.

We are well aware of all these problems that arise. By entering into an agreement with the CMM Management Company, you transfer your concerns about the property onto the shoulders of professionals.

Our goal is to take away from you all the troubles associated with the possession of real estate in Montenegro, and to make your vacations calm and serene. Upon your request, after the purchase and sale transaction, we will continue to cooperate with you and provide the necessary assistance in maintaining your property.

The entire management team consists of managers who speak both Russian and English. Therefore, you will not have a language barrier and you will always be aware of the work performed.

The CMM Company always takes into account the individual needs of customers and provides all services at the highest level. In the hands of reliable and experienced employees, the company CMM, your property in Montenegro will always be appreciated by care and attention.

We value your trust!


Our services:

  • - Cleaning and maintenance of cleanliness of apartments, houses, surrounding areas

  • - Redecoration

  • - Maintenance of utility systems: electricity, sewage, water supply, satellite TV, ventilation and air conditioning

  • - Furnishing of houses and apartments

  • - Care and watering of greenery in the surrounding area, landscaping

  • - Organization of control, accounting and timely payment of utility bills

  • - Organization of your leisure time, including excursions, fishing, rent a car

We offer you various packages for property management; check the actual prices by contacting our managers.